Weekly Cleaning in Bearsden

Weekly house cleaning in Bearsden

A great many of our clients find that a weekly clean suits them quite nicely. Our Bearsden cleaning professionals will perform a number of set tasks that have been discussed in length at our initial visit. These will include cleaning every room of your home, including cleaning out the plug holes in the sinks and wiping down the taps. Every detail will be meticulously accounted for to ensure your home is spotless and sparkling clean. That is why we are considered the best cleaners in Bearsden.

Having your Bearsden home cleaned regularly means that the unexpected, uninvited drop-in guest will find your home looking and smelling crisp and clean. Our clients are comforted to know that with weekly cleans, they will never be caught by surprise with an unkempt home. Another advantage of having a weekly clean is that your Bearsden home is always ready to invite company in for tea.

What's included in the weekly clean?

Our weekly Bearsden clean includes dusting skirting boards, vacuuming, dusting of surfaces including the banister and dado rails, polishing furniture, wiping down all accessible power plugs and light switches, dusting the radiator. We also take care to clean mirrors and dust window sills. In the bathroom we clean your bathroom fixtures including the toilet and show screen. In the kitchen we wipe down all surfaces, clean the outside of your kitchen unit and cooker top, wipe down the outside of cupboard doors, attend to the plug hole and taps, clean the front of appliances and all worktop surfaces. Additionally, every room will be cleansed of footprints, finger smudges and cobwebs that may have settled during the week.

Cleaners Bearsden: The weekly plan

Your weekly cleaning plan may contain other duties as desired. We will set up your unique weekly cleaning plan that will cater to your individual home cleaning needs. With our regular service, you will be amazed at how much more time you have.

Our Bearsden cleaning service professionals love doing the jobs you disdain and find great satisfaction in the results of their efforts. It is nice to have your home cleaned, but it is even nicer to have it cleaned by a cleaning service professional, someone that understands the importance of clearing out all the allergens and pathogens that are building up in the home, waiting to cause illnesses or make existing illnesses worse. Our cleaners understand microbes and allergens lurk in the dirt that can cause allergies to become active and cardiopulmonary disease to be at risk for serious complications. Our weekly clean ensures your home is a healthy home.