Spring clean your home

Spring cleaning

There's nothing like the scent of the fresh spring air coming into the home after the long winter. But with spring comes the realisation that your home is suffering from clutter and dirt that built up during the winter. Thankfully our homes are no longer heated with coal, so there isn't soot removal to be done, but there are still some areas that need attention. Even with our weekly clean service, there are cleaning tasks that are not included, such as cleaning inside cabinets, scrubbing grout in tiles and getting at those devious dirt devils lurking behind kitchen appliances and in other areas not included in our weekly clean. That's why our clients enjoy our Spring Clean services. Our cleaning service professionals come in and perform the tasks offered in our regular clean plus a plethora of others designed to get the dirt out.

During our Spring Clean, we take extra care to provide a deep clean, getting behind and underneath furnishings. We actually move your smaller furniture pieces to clean and then replace them, putting them back exactly where you had them placed, but larger pieces will need to be moved before we arrive. During our traditional Spring Cleaning our cleaning service professionals will completely empty your cupboards and wipe them down, getting out all the dust that has found its way in. Once the cupboards are clean, we replace your belongings, putting them back exactly where you keep them.

We also wash every painted surface, traffic areas where fingerprints tend to build up including doors, skirting boards, walls and window frames. Additionally if there are any other areas that we haven't covered but you wish to have cleaned during your Spring Clean simply let us know before the big day and we will happily work it into your clean. By the time we finish, your home feel and smell like new. We will clear away the clutter that has been weighing you down at your discretion. If you wish to keep your magazine collection, we will help you find a tidy spot for them. We will never throw out anything you don't ask us to, but will happily cart out bag after bag to the garbage bin to lighten your load.

Many of our clients look forward to their yearly spring clean. There is nothing like the clean of a spring clean. Call today to schedule your Spring Clean and reserve your time.