Shopping service in Bearsden

Maid in Bearsden is happy to offer shopping services to our seniors and disabled clients. One of the most frustrating and disheartening aspects of become older or disabled is losing mobility and the freedom it brings. Living with limited mobility means not being able to do many things that once were done with ease, such as shopping, running errands, or a simple trip to the doctor. For many in Bearsden, going shopping isn’t an option, but others simply need a little help. Some rely on loved ones to lend a helping hand, but others may not wish to burden their friends and family with the responsibility. These seniors can now depend on us, Maid in Bearsden, to help them.

We understand that the process of having someone shop for you, or with you, may be difficult, so we do everything we can to ensure your comfort. You can select your personal shopper. If you have a Maid in Bearsden cleaner, it may be possible to enlist them as your agent if you so desire. If not, we encourage you to meet our personal shoppers, and select the one you feel the most comfortable using. This is a very close relationship, and we want you feel good about your personal shopper and receiving shopping services.

Some of our clients need us to do all of their shopping for them, providing complete shopping and errand services. We happily go to the market for you, following your instructions to the letter. We understand it is difficult to have someone else handle the shopping you’ve done for yourself most of your life, so we take great care to ensure we purchase exactly what you’ve asked for in the appropriate size and number. If there is ever a problem in procuring the items on your list, our shopper will call to let you know what the issue is and get instructions on how to proceed. When your personal shopper returns, your items will be properly stored according to your instructions.

Some of our Shopping Services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Shopping completely for our clients
  • Running errands like paying bills and picking up prescriptions
  • Assisting with shopping by accompanying you
  • Assisting with errands by accompanying you
  • Transportation to and from doctors appointments
  • Other services as negotiated

Many of our shopping services clients simply need a bit of help getting their errands and shopping completed. In this instance, your personal shopper will accompany you to the market, helping as much or as little as asked for. You determine how much help you wish us to give and we happily perform according to your wishes. We understand many of our clients wish to remain as autonomous as possible, so we are content to do as much as you need or to simply be there in the background, helping only when asked. You set the tone of your services. Our personal shopping services are a Godsend to many of our clients who have found freedom with our services.