Post Builder Cleaning Service in Bearsden

Get your home in Bearsden clean after building

Whether you have a brand new home or newly remodeled flat, after the builders leave it isn't quite ready. There will be post construction cleaning that must be done. Building is a dirty business and leaves behind dust and other construction debris, from a film coating on practically every surface, to paint on window glass and door hinges. That's why many builders use Maid in Bearsden to finish the project. However, once in a while, the builder leaves the final cleaning to the purchaser, which is why we offer domestic post construction cleaning, aka after builders cleaning.

During a post construction cleaning, our service professionals will attend to the tiniest details, cleaning crevices, walls, floors, doors and all. Maid in Bearsden provides the most thorough cleaning available. After removing any debris, we ensure that your new build will sparkle as if construction debris never existed. Our service professionals will clean every speck of dust from every surface. The floors will be vacuumed, cleaned and polished. Each and every window sill, door and door frame will be wiped down. Each room will be completely and thoroughly cleaned to exacting standards. Our cleaners take great care to make sure all details are taken care of, right down to the taps and plug holes. Your kitchen will have all worktops cleaned and all units will be wiped down both inside and out and it will be ready to use when you

The windows will sparkle and mirrors will shine after our cleaners are finished, making your new build ready for you to move into and enjoy, without the of having to clean first.