We offer several different options in our service menu. We tailor our service to meet our clients’ needs. For those who haven’t had a good down to the bones cleaning in a while, we suggest a Spring Clean to start. Our service professionals will bring all the specific tools of the trade needed to get at that old and compounded dirt that may even be causing health issues, such as allergies. Once we clear out those stubborn old smells and dust bunnies under the sofa, wipe down walls and other surfaces, and rid your home of built up dirt, we can set up for our weekly and bi-weekly service calls to keep it looking, feeling and smelling fresh as a daisy.

Our regular visits ensure your bathrooms, kitchen and living areas are kept in tip-top condition. Having a clean home helps your household items have longer lives, reduces allergens, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Some of our clients were astounded that our weekly clean cleared up their allergies. We will cater your regular appointment to your particular cleaning needs. Clearly if you have weans about a weekly visit is needed as they toddle all over, getting into everything. But some households, such as single person households, are well taken care with only a bi-weekly visit. As we visit, our clients soon know which is best for their home, but most of our clients in Bearsden take a weekly clean.

We also offer End of Tenancy services as well as Post Construction, or after builders cleaning. Both of these services are done in an unoccupied home and employee several deep cleaning services our other services do not. We clean these homes top to bottom, ensure it will be pristine upon inspection for the new tenants and owners to take up occupancy.