Q: Do you charge by the hour?

A: Yes £14 per hour.  we charge a regular fee for each visit unless we are doing a deep clean or other specialised service. We will submit a no obligation quote for service and what that service includes. Each visit our professionals will ensure that everything included in your regular clean is completed to perfection.

Q: When will my home be cleaned?

A: We visit our clients for regularly scheduled cleans Monday – Friday beginning at 9:00 am and concluding by 5:00 pm and will work out a regular time and day that works best in your schedule.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: We do not have any contracts to sign. If at any time you need to make a change in your service, we are more than happy to accommodate. You are never under any obligation to continue your services and may notify us at any time if you wish to cancel.

Q: How often should my home be cleaned?

A: We will discuss your cleaning needs to help you decide how many often we visit. Many clients wish us to come on a weekly basis and others are happy to have our service done every other week. How often we clean is part of the personalisation of your service request.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: Each home is different so offer a free, no-obligation quote in your home. Call us to set up your appointment, and one of our service professionals will come to your home at your convenience to do an assessment of your requirements. We will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Q: Must I provide a key?

A: No. Some clients prefer to leave a key with us so we can clean while they are away, while others prefer to meet us at the door and be present while we clean. It is completely up to you, but we respect your home security and will never compromise your home’s security.

Q: Will my home be secure?

A: Yes. We take great care to ensure the security of your home. We use a coded number to identify the key, placing your key and the code together on a key fob. This ensures that if the key is misplaced, no one will know what home it is for. We also keep all alarm codes safe, along with other sensitive information that may be needed to enter your home. Every staff member must pass a criminal background check before joining our agency. For your safety, each of our service professionals wear photo ID so you can be assured it is our agent at your door. Finally, we are fully insured and bonded.

Q: Can I meet the staff?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage it. By meeting the devoted service professionals that will care for your home, you become familiar with one another, increasing peace of mind. Simply give us a call and we will happily arrange it.

Q: Will I be required to furnish cleaning supplies?

A: Yes, because we know that each of person has their favourite brands. Ideally we use environmentally safe products engineered for domestic cleaning,  but if you prefer we use your particular products we will happily do so.

Q: What if something is not cleaned to my satisfaction.

A: In the rare event that our cleaning service professionals fail to clean something to your specification or satisfaction, simply notify us via the telephone or online contact form. We guarantee to return within three days to rectify the situation. Although we have a three day grace period, we generally return within 24 hours.

Q: Should I clear away my personal papers and documents before a visit?

A: We assure that we will never read personal papers or documents or invade your privacy. With your permission, our cleaning professionals may organize your papers, but only at your request. You never have to worry about your privacy. Our service professionals will safeguard your privacy. Our professionals will treat your papers and documents with the utmost discretion. We will never throw out your papers either so be assured your information will be safe.

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment is paid monthly by direct debit or cash for one off services like deep cleans.

Q: Is your service flexible?

A: Yes, we are extremely flexible. We work diligently to make life seamless for our clients. Whatever your needs are, we bend over backwards to meet them. Our number one concern is your satisfaction. If you need to move your clean to a different day, or have a special need, we are more than happy to help. When you need more than your regular clean, you can chose from our full menu of cleaning services including post construction or after builder cleaning, deep or spring cleaning, after party cleaning.

Q: What happens when I go on Holiday?

A: We will continue with your clean schedule, or if you wish to suspend service while you are away simply call as soon as your plan is set. We will resume your clean on the day you designate. We are flexible and will only come when it’s quite convenient for you.

Q: What happens when my clean falls on a bank holiday?

A: When your scheduled clean falls on a bank holiday, we will come either the day before or the day after, whichever day is most convenient for you.

Q: What number do I call?

A: 0141 561 7511